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Food for Health
Promoting Liver Function.


A whole food diet is essential for longevity and preventing chronic disease including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

The focus of this information sheet is how you can support your organ systems through a whole food diet. Or utilising herbs and spices to optimise certain organ functions. 


*Disclaimer– Always seek advice from your trained health professional if you have a pre-existing medical condition. 







Fresh Kale

Beetroot - stimulates the production of bile, enabling the body to release toxins more readily, therefore, improving detoxification of cells and tissues (1).

Kale - Phenolic compounds found in kale assists in disease prevention when consumed regularly. It aids in lowering cholesterol and fat whilst providing powerful antioxidant properties that can assist in reducing carcinogens in the body and maintenance of DNA repair (1,2). 


Sweet Potato - the liver-protective effects of sweet potato can be attributed to an increase in antioxidant enzymes that increase response and Nrf2 whilst reducing inflammation mediators that may contribute to induced liver injury (1,3).


Yams - Diosgenin found in yams has been shown to aid in inhibiting hepatomegaly (enlarged liver). More research needed to explain the mode of action. 


Lemons - The liver protective effects can be attributed to a joint action mechanism it is hard to pinpoint the exact one. However, it is thought to reduce the oxidative stress produced by alcohol consumption thus protecting the liver. The hepatoprotective effect of lemon may be contributed to the presence of vitamins, flavonoids, essential oils, and pectin (1,4).

Banana on yellow BG

Banana - The peel of banana can be used to reduce liver damage as well as provide effective waste management. It has shown to reduce markers such as AST/ALT commonly associated with liver impairment. Banana including the peel contains an array of nutrients including polyphenols and pectin which are thought to be associated with the benefits seen regarding liver function (1,5).


Dandelion: Dandelion has been traditionally used to treat gallstones, dyspepsia, and flatulence it is thought that the dandelion increased bile production helping to aid in digestion and assimilation of food whilst improving liver detoxification (6).

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