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Benefits of water for your health

Benefits of water for your health

Drinking water, in its pure form or as part of other fluids or foods, is vital to good health. Water and minerals are essential parts of the human body, which contains over 70% water. In accordance with Native and Actual, your trusted Naturopath on the Gold Coast, water is beneficial to our health and keeps our body hydrated.

Water is essential for salivation

Saliva is mainly made up of water. Besides electrolytes and mucus, saliva also contains enzymes. The enzymes help your mouth stay healthy and digest solid food. With regular fluid intake, you usually produce enough saliva to keep your mouth healthy. Saliva production may decrease, however, as a result of aging or certain medications. Increasing your water intake doesn't help if your mouth is dry.

Water keeps your body temperature stable

Maintaining a healthy body temperature requires staying hydrated. Physical activity and hot environments cause the body to lose water. The sweat in your body helps keep you cool, but if you don't replace the lost water, your body temperature will rise. Dehydration causes your body to lose electrolytes and plasma. Stay hydrated if you are sweating more than usual by drinking plenty of water.

Perspiration, defecation, and urination help eliminate waste

Sweating, urinating, and bowel movements require water. During exercise or in warm weather, sweat helps regulate body temperature. When you sweat, you lose fluid that must be replaced with water. To prevent constipation and have a healthy stool, you must drink enough water. In addition to filtering waste through urination, kidneys are also involved indigestion. Drinking enough water helps prevent kidney stones and allows your kidneys work more efficiently.

Physical performance is enhanced by water

During physical activity, it is essential to drink plenty of water. Physical activity can cause athletes to sweat up to 10 percent of their body weight. As your first-choice naturopath on the Gold Coast, Native and Actual will develop hydration strategies for your everyday life.

Hydration is also essential for your strength, power, and endurance

Sports such as basketball, which require high intensity levels, can make you more susceptible to dehydration. In addition to decreased blood pressure and hyperthermia, exercising in the heat without enough water can cause serious health effects. It is possible to die from severe dehydration.

Constipation is prevented by water

Consuming fiber does not prevent constipation alone. Ensure your bowel movements contain enough water by drinking enough water. Constipation can be caused by inadequate water intake, magnesium, and fiber intake. Constipation can be eased by drinking carbonated water and plain water if you are already suffering from it.

Digestive health is improved by water

Water is the best way to help your body digest food. It can be consumed before, during, and after eating. This will allow you to digest food more efficiently and make the most of your meals. In research studies, it has been shown that the body adapts to changes in food consistency and stomach contents, whether they are more solid or liquid.

Nutrient absorption is improved by water

Water helps break down food, as well as dissolve vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Once dissolved, these vitamins are then transported to the rest of your body.

Water helps in achieving weight loss

Women and girls with excess body fat have been shown to lose weight by drinking water. When you diet and exercise, you may be able to lose more weight by drinking more water.

Water boosts energy

Drinking water may stimulate your metabolism. A boost in metabolism positively impacts energy levels. Both men and women experienced a 30 percent increase in metabolic rate after drinking 500 milliliters of water. This effect lasted for over an hour.

Skin looks brighter when it is hydrated

Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water. It may also promote collagen production. However, drinking water alone won't reduce the signs of aging. Genetics and general sun protection are also involved in this process.

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