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Free Health Assessment

Get started on your journey to holistic wellbeing today by filling in our free health assessment! These questions will be sent to our Naturopath, Jess, who will be in contact with you soon to discuss your results and recommended wellness plan. 

1. How many serves of vegetables or fruit would you have on average in a day? (Excluding potatoes). One serve size is equivalent to about one handful?
2. How often do you eat sugary foods? Lollies, chocolate, sweets, muffins, sweet biscuits, soft drink in a day?
3. How often do you eat good quality protein rich foods? Fish, seafood, lean red meat, chicken, eggs, tofu, legumes, beans, nuts, cheese, yoghurt?
4. Do you or have you ever smoked?
5. How often do you drink alcohol?
6. How many standard cups of coffee would you consume in a day?
7. How much water do you drink per day?

Thank you! We will be in contact very soon.