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Health is a Journey not a Destination.

How can a Naturopath help your journey towards health.

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The definition of health is "the state of of being free from illness or injury". Take a moment and think about this, can you truthfully say this is true?


Inflammation can be a powerful driver contributing to several health conditions including PMS, autoimmune illness's and arthritis.

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A little about me

Its all about the health journey

I started in the health industry at 15 years of age and it grew from there. No matter what I did it was all about how I could help others. This was my personal healing journey, to get over my traumas.

I learnt valuable lessons from the elderly, colleagues, family, friends, including the humility that is shared when working in hospital environments. I have loved learning these lessons and I love getting to share them. 

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Words from Jessica - The Best Naturopath practitioner on the gold coast

Naturopathy is a system of healing that understands the connection between our body, mind and spirit. When we are healthy in all aspects of ourselves, wellness can be achieved through the natural healing powers found in nature. When symptoms present themselves, it is not enough to just treat those symptoms. Other areas that may be affected by the imbalance can be identified and steps are taken to mitigate many other potential problems for our bodies. A well-balanced body will help prevent any one symptom from developing into a major problem and having adverse effects on your health.

A healthy mental state cannot exist without corresponding physical health. Symptoms that are distressing or ongoing can make a person feel angry or depressed, and likewise, if the imbalance is in the mind instead of on the body - such as anxiety or stress - these will be felt by your body which then leads to lethargy and fatigue throughout all systems. If one treatment fixes both sets of symptoms at once, they may continue to re-appear until this balance is restored through addressing not only psychological needs but also those of our bodily functions from hormones to digestion patterns.

Holistic Medicine

As a Naturopath on The Gold Coast,I believe that Holistic Medicine can provide the support and guidance that traditional remedies may not. But what exactly is Holistic Medicine?

Most people who are not very familiar with alternative medicine have a difficult time understanding what it is. Traditional medical treatments focus on treating symptoms, but holistic medicine aims to treat the underlying cause of both physical and mental conditions that produce those symptoms. This approach offers individuals hope for feeling better about their health again because they no longer feel like they're just being given pain relievers or other drugs when all-inclusive solutions exist out there in nature!

AlternativeMedicine, which is another name sometimes used interchangeably with holistic medicine, may be able to help you. It focuses on healthy foods and exercise. You'll have an opportunity not only for more complete health but also a chance at bettering your life in ways that can't always happen when the focus shifts solely towards medicines or procedures.

The shift to a holistic lifestyle may be the best choice you can make for your health. Many people have found that this move has given them hope about feeling strong and healthy. It is okay if you feel sceptical at first; in fact, most people are sceptical until they see the benefits of changing their lifestyle. And only after making significant changes in your thought process, diet and exercise will you begin to see what you have been missing for so long.

You have the opportunity to work on your health and invest in a holistic lifestyle with Native & Actual. You can choose from an array of services that will suit all lifestyles, I would be more than happy to discuss the services that Native and Actual can provide as your trusted Naturopath on The Gold Coast.

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